The Greening of Personal Care: Eco-estheticians Lead the Way

Natural skin care is nothing new. Many a peaches-and-crème complexion owes its glow to pure soap and water–with a touch of moisturizer for extra radiance. Homegrown remedies using witch hazel, aloe vera, or shea butter have long treated a variety of conditions, from oily to sensitive skin. And even the ancient Egyptians developed many holistic treatments derived from earthen ingredients.

And now, thanks to the greening of personal care, natural skin care has come full circle–and is here to stay. With natural and organic skincare products leading the way as the country’s fastest growing cosmetics and toiletry market, it’s “only natural” that estheticians are also plugging into this booming interest in eco-cosmetics. The trend toward health-and-wellness has brought the spa lifestyle to all and not just a select few. This all equates to a greater demand for highly skilled, licensed beauty professionals who are trained in natural or alternative treatments, such as aromatherapy, body wraps, salt glows, reflexology, and more. Interest in sustainable beauty and fashion has also led to the growth of new eco-spa resorts—environmentally sensitive retreats where pampering comes with a clean conscience. Guests can rejuvenate and purify mind, body, and soul in a soothing sanctuary that celebrates nature and offer healing indulgences, like sea salt scrubs or hot stone therapy. And other spas are doing their part to go green, from incorporating conservation principles such as the use of low-flow showerheads, bamboo flooring, or energy efficient lighting, to offering organic cotton linens, towels, and robes. This new stewardship toward humane and responsible practices means that more and more spas are looking for perceptive, responsive estheticians who can encourage their customers and build relationships. AJF Salon, located at 3016 J Street, Sacramento, CA and managed by Adam Federico, a third generation Federico, carries eco-friendly Davines hair care products. Davines is a leading manufacturer of high quality products created to respect the environment by using high grade natural ingredients. Ahead of its time, Bioelements has been using recyclable glass jars and earth-friendly ink and paper since the company was founded in 1991. Especially popular with AJF’s clientele are Bioelements’ paraben-free product line, which includes Urban Detox, Equalizer, Stress Solution and VitaMineral Power Pen. To Gary Federico, President of the Federico Beauty Institute, and Adam’s father, eco-friendly issues have been a top priority. Earlier this year, Gary Federico was awarded a clean air business award by Breathe California of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails for his environmentally sound practices. “It’s not just about hair or skin care, but also about giving back,” says Gary Federico, who has installed a photovoltaic carport system, changed lighting to energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL’s) and installed occupancy sensors which automatically shut down unused Air Conditioning and lights. In the use of solar power alone, the school is annually reducing CO2 emissions by 165,643 pounds, or the equivalent of 14 passenger cars from the roadways.


ABOUT FEDERICO BEAUTY INSTITUTE Federico Beauty Institute is a third-generation, family-owned and operated beauty school that continues its 60-year commitment to educating cosmetology and esthetics students. Their mission is to hold the highest standards to produce future leaders of the beauty industry.