Tips For Your Plumbing Connection

Safe, professional, and fast service The Plumbing Connection is committed to providing year round 24/7 emergency support with trained, background checked, drug tested plumbers who will both respect your home and your need for an immediate solution to your plumbing problem. Pipes Making Noise? Pipe noises range from loud hammer sounds to very high-pitched squeaks. The causes may be loose pipes, water logged air chambers, or water pressure that’s too high.


Anchoring exposed pipes is a simple solution; other remedies such as anchoring pipes concealed inside walls, floors or ceilings, may call for a professional. Squeaking Only hot water pipes squeak. As the pipe expands, it moves in its strap, and friction causes the squeak. Solution: Cushion it as you would a banging pipe. Professional Tips For Frozen Pipes A faucet that won’t yield water is the first sign of frozen pipes. If a severe cold snap hits, prevent freezing and subsequent bursting of pipes by following the suggestions below. Even if the pipes do freeze, you can thaw them before they burst if you act quickly. When temperatures fall very low, here’s how to keep your pipes from freezing: • Keep a trickle of water running from the faucets. • Beam a heat lamp or small heater at exposed pipes. • Wrap uninsulated pipes, install heat tape, foam etc. • Keep doors ajar between heated and unheated rooms Tip of the Day When loosening frozen connections, instead of using a wrench to force nuts and couplings frozen in place, douse the connection with penetrating oil. Wait half an hour; then loosen with a wrench. Other Problems Banging Pipes Depending on the composition and code, pipes are usually anchored with pipe straps every 6 to 8 feet for horizontal runs, or 8 to 10 feet for vertical runs.

If your pipes bang when you turn on the water, you may need to add straps, cushion the pipes with a rubber blanket, or install hammer arresters. When you anchor a pipe, especially a plastic one-leave room for expansion. Do not use galvanized straps on copper pipes.