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Another part of our plumbing services is clearing sewer line blockage for residential and commercial clients in Rhode Island. We also provide Camera inspections as well as line location equipment which allows us to find where the problem spot is and we can then tell you exactly how deep that spot is and the exact location of the problem spot or break is which makes it much easier to dig up and make much faster repairs on the sewer line.

We provide complete drain cleaning and clog removal services to ensure that your sewer lines are operating correctly. We have many different machines for different applications. We also take care of Emergency Services for sewer line blockages for the Sewer Department in the City of Cranston. We are very experienced Sewer line Experts. Our Drain Cleaning Services Include: • Drain cleaning • Clog removal • Camera inspections • Sewer line locating Our fully insured and licensed professionals specialize in high quality camera inspections to locate problems in your plumbing systems. This state of the art technology allows us to quickly find and repair the problem and ensure that your plumbing system is in proper working condition. With this piece of equipment we are able to run the cable through your sewer line and have a full clear video of the inside of your sewer line so we can see breaks or any other problems from within the sewer line.


This is a locator which allows us to precisely locate where ever the break or problem may be. We can locate the sewer line and the location of the problem within inches which allows us to do fast easy repairs. Contact Kwik Plumbing & Heating Company today at 401-588-9794, or browse the website for more information about heating contractor services or general plumbing services.